HUM Raw Beauty To-Go

HUM Raw Beauty To-Go

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A beauty-boosting powder with adaptogens and probiotics to support metabolism, energy and healthy skin. 30 day supply. Made in USA.

Raw Beauty helps boost energy, radiant skin and metabolism. This powder is enriched with alkalizing organic green superfoods, antioxidants, adaptogenic herbs, fiber, a full serving of fruit and vegetables, digestive enzymes, and five billion probiotics. It’s deliciously formulated to promote healthy skin and support digestion by breaking down food. The best part? Each delicious mint chocolate flavored serving has only 30 calories, making it the ultimate beauty snack.


Take 1 scoop daily Take anytime of day Mix with 8 ounces of water, unsweetened nut milk, or add to a smoothie.

Organic Barley Grass, Organic Wheat Grass (Whole Powder), Organic Chlorella (Broken Cell Wall), Spirulina, Organic Alfalfa Grass. Adaptogenic Blend: Licorice Root Extract, American Ginseng Root Powder, Ashwagandha Root Extract, Eleuthera Root Extract, Rhodiola Rosea Root, Astragalus Root. Fiber Blend: Organic Flax Seed, Inulin, Apple Pectin. Fruit & Vegetable Blend: Broccoli Extract, Blueberry Extract, Spinach, Kale (Leaves), Organic Carrot, Beet Root, Ginger Root Extract. Antioxidant Beauty Blend: Cocoa, Acai Extract, Organic Goji, Moringa Leaf, Grape Seed Extract, Matcha Green Tea. Digestive Enzyme Blend: Hemicellulase (8,368 HCU), Amylase (1,860 DU), Protease 4.5 (1,240 HUT), Xylanase (620 XU), Cellulase AN (558 CU), Protease 6.0 (558 HUT), Lipase (25 FIP), Pectinase (15 endo-PGU), Glucoamylase (6 AGU). 5 Billion Probiotic Blend: Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium Bifido, Acidophilus blend. Also contains: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Iron, Sodium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Calcium, organic coconut palm sugar, natural flavor, xanthum gum, stevia