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Calming Services

Himalayan Bowl Bliss Acoustic Massage Session

50 minutes $140

80 minutes $195

25 minutes Add - on to any Service $85

Exclusive to OM Spa - let us transport your body and mind into a state of meditative bliss. The gentle yet powerful experience of hearing and feeling the healing impact of sound therapy via ancient Himalayan Singing Bowl in the form of acoustic massage can be transformative.

Tuning Forks, Singing Bowls, and Gongs are played on or near the body, for a nearly immediate calming of the brain into a meditative state.
as feelings of Stress and anxious feelings are eased for a profoundly relaxing experience.

These bowls are intentionally crafted to produce strong vibrations and gentle pure tones. During a session, muscles will relax as the body absorbs waves of vibrations into tissues.

Clients will often slip into brain wave states associated with deep relaxation and meditation. Profoundly at rest, the body is able to reset & realign with it's innate capacity to heal.

Enjoy a full service session or as an add on to one of Om Spa's other calming services

Alpha - Calm Relaxation Therapy Session
Are you stressed out, often feel wired, anxious, and irritable? Do you suffer from depression or insomnia? Then you are the prefect candidate for Alpha-Calm; Om Spa's newest relaxation service. Utilizing a patented brainwave technology, Cranio-Electrical Stimulation (CES) therapy "fine-tunes" the electrical activity of the brain promoting positive brain wave and "feel good" brain chemistry. Further enhancing the relaxation experience, our trained massage therapists simultaneously perform an aroma reflexology session utilizing acupressure points targeted for deep relaxation and calmness. Best results after cumulative sessions 1-2 times per week, or as needed. 

$85       Initial Consultation Session (includes aroma reflexology massage)
$55       25 min. Single Session - CES only (only after initial consult)
$275     25 min. Series of Six  - CES only
$410     25 min. Series of Twelve  - CES only
$30       20 min. (add-on to any massage, facial, or Mani/Pedi session - CES only)

Bio - Calm Relaxation Therapy Session
Om Spa now offers Bio-calm relaxation services utilizing the revolutionary Bio-Mat. The Bio-Mat is an FDA approved professional therapy device, combining the healing qualities of Amethyst, Far Infrared Rays (FIR), and negative ionization. This service is therapist-free as you allow the Bio-Mat energy waves to penetrate, heal and regenerate your body during a computerized timed interval. Bio-calm is beneficial for aiding in detoxification, improved circulation, increased immune function, weight loss, calorie burning and stress reduction. Additionally, Bio-calm reduces chronic pain states, and improves overall mood and well-being. Combine this amazing service with Om Spa's other relaxing and calming services such as Alpha-Calm or Myo-Calm for a cumulative and enhanced effect. You're bound to feel great!

$35       30 min. Single Session
$55       60 min. Single Session
$150     30 min. Series of Six
$240     60 min. Series of Six
$25       30 min. (add-on to Alpha-Calm, Myo-Calm,  massage, or facial)

Myo-Calm Relaxation Therapy Session
Do you suffer from acute, chronic or post traumatic pain? No matter what the source or severity, Om Spa's Myo-Calm can provide quick and long lasting relief and get you back to the activities you enjoy. Myo-Calm is a relaxing service offered by trained massage therapists utilizing a handheld computerized device that delivers Microcurrent Electrical Therapy (MET) directly to the pain site through an exclusive patented waveform. This unique waveform uses highly and extensively researched microampere currents to provide a non-invasive sustainable relief whenever or wherever pain strikes you. This service utilizes a 20-minute Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES) session in this multi-faceted approach to pain management. This service may also be combined with traditional Massage, Reflexology, or Bio-Calm services for an enhanced and cumulative effect. 

$85       40 min. Single Session
$21    40 min. Series of Three
$360     40 min. Series of Six
$50        30 min. add-on to any Massage 

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