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CBD (Cannabidiol) Services

Om Spa is excited to feature our new Cannabis-Infused Spa Rituals,  specifically crafted to enhance the therapeutic benefits of our massages and facials. 


Herb infused massage oils are blended with Cannabinoids (CBD) to help relieve pain, inflammation and tension. CBD is one of over 60 compounds found in the cannabis plant and is widely known for its ability to effectively assist the body in pain management, calming anxiety, decreasing stress levels, and enhancing sleep quality.

While all of our products and treatments will likely leave you feeling blissful, our CBD oils won’t get you “high”. The CBD in our oils originate from hemp and do not include any of the psychoactive components such as THC.

Try one of these exclusive services at our medispa today!


"Bliss Me Out" CBD Massage
The calming, soothing effects of CBD work in unison with massage techniques and is designed to quiet the mind and relax the body. CBD is widely known to ease muscular tension, reduce inflammation and reduce pain. Om Spa’s CBD-enhanced massages are uniquely crafted to enhance the therapeutic effects of the massage. While all of our products and treatments will likely leave you feeling blissful, our CBD oils, balms and patches which we incorporate into this service, will not get you “high,” as they are from FDA-approved active ingredients with cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive and legal hemp extract.

CBD Neck and Shoulder Rescue  $95      25 minutes

CBD Swedish Massage                   $145    50 minutes

CBD Swedish Massage                   $195    80 minutes

CBD Deep Tissue Massage            $165    50 minutes

CBD Deep Tissue Massage            $220    80 minutes

"Head in the Clouds" CBD Scalp Massage                                        $30    10 minutes

Targeted temple and scalp revitalizing stress relief CBD massage, perfect for relieving muscular tension, migraines, etc.  Add-on only to any other massage or facial.

"The Grate-Full Ped" CBD Pedicure                                                           $90         50 minutes

Walk on air after you experience Om Spas exclusive CBD pedicure. Perfect for aching sore feet and legs, neuropathy, plantar fascitis, or just a chill out, self deserved feet treat. Sit back and vibe out as we soak your feet in our signature CBD bath followed by our very own CBD polish containing full-spectrum activated hemp extract, Dead Sea salt, and a proprietary blend of essential oils. Next we'll masque your legs and feet in our cannabis activated CBD masque and freeze ointment, followed by a warm towel application. The simultaneous heating and cooling effect is sensational. Finally enjoy a warming CBD massage with our pain relieving hemp oil and a CBD balm treatment. Your feet will be forever Grateful!

Canna-Cure CBD Manicure                                                                                    $60   45 minutes

Aching hands and wrists? suffering from arthritis , carpal tunnel, or overworked hand and arm  muscles from yardwork or the gym?

Relax and unwind with Om Spa's exclusive CBD manicure.  Soak in a CBD infused water bath, followed by a meticulous manicure, and 

de-stress as your hands and arms are massaged with our proprietary CBD blends of oils, lotions and masques.  You will hands and arms will leave feeling  refreshed, and hydrated with the  perfect nails to match. Upgrades to Shellac apply

"Canna-Bliss"  CBD Facial                                                                  $165    60 minutes

Vibe out with Om Spa’s exclusive CBD Facial. This unique facial is designed to provide an instant uplifting energy and illuminate the skin by combining the effects of organic hemp extracts, aromatherapy and CBD-infused facial products. CBD has many benefits for the skin, including anti-inflammatory properties, high antioxidant content, and the amazing ability to regulate the skin’s immune system, as well as being rich in omega 3 fatty acids. This facial is the perfect choice for clients concerned about acne, skin irritations, and premature aging, or even those that just want to enter into a deep state of relaxation and leave with an amazing afterglow.

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