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Skin analysis, cleansing, extraction, exfoliation, moisturizing and massage are important steps in prevention, rejuvenation and revitalization.  
Om Spa offers a unique facial menu with Medispa treatments, utilizing the miracles of Western medicine as well as the healing, soothing properties of Eastern cultures.

$135     Murad Intensive Wrinkle Reducing 

Turn back the hands of time with this high-potency, bio-engineered anti-aging facial and peel from Murad Skincare. Designed for all skin-types, this skin resurfacing treatment utilizes the latest advances in wrinkle reducing skin science to combat past and current photo (sun) and environmental damage. Relax, as potent fruit acids stimulate natural repair while a calming seaweed masque plumps and calms the skin to minimize fine lines and wrinkles repair. An Om Medi-Spa exclusive treatment!

$159     Fruit & Flower 

The "Ytsara Fruit & Flower Facial" is an organic "facial therapy" that incorporates a rare blend of organic Thai botanicals, along with a 30-minute Royal Thai Massage to relax and relieve sore muscles along the shoulders, up the neck to the face and scalp where stress manifests most. Naturally infused with all of the vitamins, minerals, and trace elements essential to heal, nourish, regenerate, balance, & protect the skin- it is effective for all skin types.

$125     Murad Ultimate Moisture Infusion

Replenish dry, tired skin with this ultimate moisture experience. Ease fine lines and double your skin’s hydration for up to 8 hours! Luxurious, Orchid and Passionflower extracts in addition to Murad’s unique Osmolyte technology rebuild your skin’s epidermal water barrier; while Chamomile and Green tea extracts soothe the skin  to lock in the moisture your skin craves. See a plumper, more youthful appearance with just one treatment.


$120     Renewal

Refine and soften.  Our luxurious anti-aging facial for all skin types combines a triple enzyme masque with an exfoliator, leaving your skin radiant and visibly smoother.

$105     Vitamin C Infusion

Repair and prevention with Vitamin C. A potent antioxidant, Vitamin C in its purist form is delivered directly into the skin to restore elasticity, firmness and hydration. 


$115     Clarifying Enzymatic 

Reduce breakouts.  We utilize the exfoliating properties of papaya and pineapple fruit enzymes to dissolve impurities and deep clean pores, improve skin clarity and reduce acne blemishes.  A combination of antiseptics and anti-inflammatories soothe redness, reduce irritation and leave the skin with a healthy vibrant glow.  For all skin types.


$75     Pom-Power Mini-Facial 

Pomegranate Refresh! Wash away dirt, oil and pore-clogging impurities with this in-and-out 25-minute mini facial to help tone and tighten without over-drying. Who doesn't love a fresh, clean facial feel? For all skin types. A great first facial!

$35     Herbal Restorative Eye Mask (Add-On Only)  

For additional benefits, add an Herbal Restorative Eye Treatment that combats fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles with a warm steamed herbal eye poultice, Thai White Clay Mask, and Lift Recovery Serum specially formulated to nourish the delicate eye area and leave tired eyes lighter, brighter, and tighter.

$30     Hair & Scalp Massage (Add-On Only)  

 Luxurious massage of hair and scalp with essential oils.  The scalp is the most sensitive part of the body for massage.  See for yourself.

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