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Hair Removal

They say no pain, no gain, which is why Om Spa offers a complete range of waxing, from top to bottom.  Waxing cannot be performed on anyone who is, or recently has been, on certain medications (Renova, Retin-A, Accutane, or similar pharmaceuticals) or whose skin has been sensitized by over-exposure to the sun, indoor tanning or laser treatments. Come to Dearborn's best day spa for your professional hair removal services.
It is recommended that hair be at least 1/8" long to achieve expected results.

$18     Chin
$19     Cheek
$20     Eyebrow
$19     Lip
$32     Half Arm
$52     Full Arm
$48     Half Leg
$89     Full Leg 
$40    Bikini 
$52     Extended Bikini
$78     Brazilian Bikini 
$54     Back
$38     Stomach 
$38     Underarm

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