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Fall/Autumn 2021 Specials

Perfecting Pumpkin Facial            50 min  $130                   Express       25 min $80

Now holiday beauty is as easy as pumpkin pie. This seasonal facial utilizes the remarkable benefits of pumpkin enzymes to soothe and rejuvenate tired, dull skin. A traditional deep cleansing facial is enhanced with an incredible pumpkin enzyme exfoliation masque from Peter Thomas Roth Skincare followed by an intensely hydrating 24k pumpkin cream, beta carotene and antioxidant sheet masque. Enjoy a Pumpkin Shea hand massage while masking. Just imagine your skin looking brighter and with an overall natural elasticity and dewiness. Pure perfection - your skin will be glowing and Boo-tiful!! 


ADD ON to any Pumpkin Facial

Pumpkin Pie Plumping Lip Whip Treatment    $24

Pumpkin Spice  Relaxing Hair and Scalp Massage  $30

Pumpkin 24K  De"Puffing"  Eye Treatment    $30

Pumpkin Aromatherapy Massage & Shea Reflexology Treatment            65 min    $155

Back by popular demand, Om Spa's Pumpkin Aromatherapy massage and Shea butter Reflexology Treatment.
Relax and unwind with this seasonal treatment, 50 minutes of full body massage followed by the most relaxing Pumpkin Shea butter Reflexology foot treatment (15 min). So luxurious and pampering because you deserve it and so do your feet!!


The AnteAGE Stem Cell Facial                                                         80 min $340

Unleash the fountain of youth with Om Spa’s AnteAGE facial. This advanced medi-spa facial was designed exclusively to turn back the clock on aging skin using cutting edge stem cell science, microneedling, LED light therapy as well as our Dual Masque Iontophoresis technology.  Potent growth factors and cytokines harvested from bone marrow stem cells have been isolated to provide the powerful biosignals to decrease inflammation due to the aging factors of sun exposure, pollutants, chemical, and poor diet. The result is more youthful, radiant skin, with increased smoothness and elasticity, reversal of skin damage and the overall goal to support skin health in the long term. Please visit our website for before/after pictures!


Water Drench & Peptide Infusion Facial + Eye Treatment                   65 min $170

Water, Water, Water, - your skin loves water and this facial is designed for just that purpose. This fall let your skin soak it all up with this moisture infusing skin-drenching facial. Featuring the exclusive Water Drench skincare line from Peter Thomas Roth, let us cleanse, and exfoliate your skin followed by a Thermal Hungarian Water masque. Rich and luxurious, and infused with natural Hungarian botanicals; this hydrating mask transforms with cool water into an invigorating flash of heat to open pores and optimize nutrient absorption. Next, revitalize your eyes with clouds of chilled eye patches to hydrate, moisturize and depuff. Instantly improve the look of fine lines, crow’s feet and under-eye darkness with pure, plumping water vapor and rich hyaluronic acid. Finally, our Water drench cloud cream and serum will soften even the most dehydrated skin and provide your skin with a continuous burst of intense hydration that lasts up to 72 hours. The perfect Fall facial for all skin types! Exclusively at OM Spa


Water Drench Revital-eyze eye treatment (add-on to any facial)         15 min $40 


24 Karat Rose Gold Facial              50 min $135                  Mini-Rose Facial        25min $75

Renowned for centuries, and used by Cleopatra and other royals to enhance the supple beauty of their complexions, the remarkable effects of gold are used to help improve the skin’s natural radiance and increase the sensation of smooth moisture. This Spring/Summer Season, Om Spa has teamed up with Peter Thomas Roth (famous NYC skincare guru) to offer this ultra-luxurious facial. Perfect for all skin types, this facial incorporates the highly publicized 24K gold masque resulting in an immediate tightening effect for softer, smoother skin, and radiant glow. The active ingredients will help promote rapid collagen synthesis to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And just for Mother’s Day we’ve added more luxury with the Rose Stem Cell masque and lotion. Your skin will be treated royally and glow with perfect luminosity this Autumn!


 Ultra Luxe Add-On Treatments (add-on to any facial or body)             

Lavish and pampering eye treatments, high-tech LED devices, succulent lip treatments and relaxing hair and scalp treatments. Enhance any facial or body service with one of our Seasonal Add-ons.  Please inform our concierge at time of booking.

Pumpkin Pie Plumping Lip Whip Treatment    $24

Pumpkin Spice  Relaxing Hair and Scalp Massage  $30

Pumpkin 24K  De"Puffing" Eye Treatment  $30

Water Drench Revital-eyze Eye Treatment  $40

LED Anti-Aging or Acne Light Therapy $35

Rose Gold Ultra Luxe Eye Treatment  $40


Fall/Autumn 2021  Deluxe Mani & Pedi                        Mani $48/Pedi $68         Combo $105

Come on in for a luxurious treat for your hands and feet! Enjoy a Deluxe Manicure & Pedicure with one of our highly anticipated seasonal decadent scrubs, Exclusive to Om Spa


Caramel Apple                                                     Pumpkin Chai Creme                                     Campfire S'mores    

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